Creating a Data Dump in Design Studio / Lumira Designer

A data dump of the graphomate components inside a Design Studio dashboard helps us reproduce and understand problems you are experiencing with our extensions. To create the data dump, please follow the steps below.


  1. Please click somewhere inside your dashboard. This ensures that the input focus lies on the dashboard, and not on the property sheet, the console, or other Design Studio elements. This works in runtime mode as well as in design mode.
  2. Now press and hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT. While holding these, please press Q + W in sequence
  3. A new browser window should open. Please copy its content into the clipboard and then paste it into a new text document, e. g. Notepad.
  4. Please send us this text file.

Please don't directly copy this content into your mail client. When copying this content into a mail client, special chars are often altered.

DE: Datenabzug erstellen in Design Studio/ Lumira Designer