Category Labels Depending on Data Selection

This article describes the concept of data selection of the graphomate charts. It works with a simple example to show the basic concepts of influencing the Generation of Category Labels with your data selection and two chart properties.


The sample data selection of this article is shown at the right. It contains the member Absatz of the dimension "Keyfigures" and the specific quarters and years as members of their dimensions. 

We distinguish between two kinds of member selections:

  • not selected members (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Absatz) - they are not highlighted blue
  • selected members (2015) - highlighted blue in selection view

The displayed selection for data series 1 creates the chart displayed at the right. The Category Labels are organized in two levels: Q1 - Q4 and Absatz because the chart generates Category Labels from each not selected member per default. This behavior originates from the default values of the following properties of the standard properties sheet:

  • Selected Members In Categories = false
    Sets the visibility of all selected members of all dimensions but "Keyfigures"
  • Selected Measures in Categories = false
    Sets the visibility of all selected members of the dimension "Keyfigures"

Now, to not create a Category Label from the member Absatz of the dimension "Keyfigures" you only have to select it and ensure that the property "Selected Measures in Categories" is set to false. The value of this property will be applied because it only affects explicit selected members and Absatz is now selected.

According to that you can also remove the Category Labels Q1, Q2, Q3 und Q4 by setting "Selected Members in Categories" to false and select the quarter members. 

Less useful, but exemplary you could show the member 2015 in Category Labels by setting "Selected Members in Categories" to true and select 2015.